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Melitta MEU45 45-Cup Percolator Coffee Urn

Melitta MEU45 45-Cup Percolator Coffee UrnPrice: $69.99
Brand: Melitta
Bestsellers Rank: #405437

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Melitta MEU45 45-Cup Percolator Coffee Urn Feature

[ 1 ] Percolates up to 45 5-ounce cups of coffee
[ 2 ] After brewing, urn automatically switches to keep-warm serving temperature
[ 3 ] Cover locks; non-drip spigot; stay-cool handles provide portability
[ 4 ] Mirror-finish stainless steel, with stay-cool base for placing on any surface
[ 5 ] Measures 11-1/2 by 16-1/2 by 12-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty

Melitta MEU45 45-Cup Percolator Coffee Urn Product Description

Mirror-finish stainless steel housing dual power-on and coffee ready lights automatically switches to keep warm temperature glass percolator knob on lid phenolic side handles dripless spigot. 1000w/130w

Made of stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, this 45-cup coffeemaker is ideal for a buffet line, office, or any other situation drawing lots of coffee drinkers. It percolates up to 45 five-ounce cups and then automatically switches to keep-warm, serving-temperature mode. (A coffee-ready light shines when brewing is complete.) The urn has a two-way, dripless spigot high enough for either mug or cup-and-saucer service. Pushed down, the spigot's lever dispenses coffee and then springs back

Melitta MEU45 45-Cup Percolator Coffee Urn Customer Reviews

I agree with the previous owner: I don't know if the makers heeded similar complaints, but my urn works beatifully. It really is quite attractive, it has never leaked, and it brews up the 45 cups pretty quickly, all things considered. The red/green lights on the front make it VERY clear when the coffee is ready to be poured, and I get rave reviews
Makes a great pot of coffee! ( By L. CRAIN "2005-01-06" )

I received this urn as a wedding gift last year. I don't know if I received one off a previous and better assembly line, but mine works great! No leaking, no loose screws. I've even told my guests who have loved it where to buy one. And, I've always received compliments on the great coffee! That's disappointing that others have received such
Happy with Product ( By "2004-02-26" )

I just wanted people to know that it looks like Melitta has replaced the glass knob with a plastic knob. Obviously from the reviews the glass knob was a problem. There isn't a problem with the plastic one..but it is ugly. It does not fit with the overall good look of the coffee urn. If I was buying this to sit on my table - I would think twice.
Great urn...and new top! ( By Kay L "2006-03-22" )

I've had this for about 3 yrs? Mine looks just like the one pictured but has a plastic knob. We have never made coffee in this but instead we make cider every year after we return from cutting down our Christmas tree. We have had no problem to speak of yet. It seems from the neg. reviews the glass knob is the problem not the actual urn itself. So
A New Knob ( By W. M. G "2007-12-11" )

Glass knob broke when I rinsed a very hot machine with cold water, so I count that as my fault, not theirs. It's a good looking machine, and makes a nice cup of coffee. I emailed Melitta about a replacement part and they gave me the 800-number for the manufacturer. When I told them the glass knob had broken, they sent me a replacement at no cost;
I broke it, they sent free part to fix it. ( By D. Bartlett "2005-03-22" )

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Percolates up to 45 5-ounce cups of coffee


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